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TAG Festival Cart Programme - Reading Pride 4th September 2010


1pm - 2.30pm

Retreat Singers

Aubrey Dye-Welch - Singer / songwriter

Helen and desert diamonds

Nisha Anil - Storytelling for children


2.30pm - 4pm

Jimmy Corrigan - Singer / Songwriter

Zoe Laws and Fairy Picks

4pm - 5.30pm

Miss B - Singer / songwriter

Chick - Singer / songwriter

Marina Tiffeny





The TAG Festival Cart is an impromptu portable performance platform,


bringing you music, dance, visual art, magic, comedy and much much more.

With a roll out red carpet stage, pop-up art gallery, peep hole miniature worlds, and space for making, the Festival Cart moves from place to place enticing a crowd and stopping for mini performances and viewings.

Festival Cart Busking Sessions - coming this summer to a high street near you...

Durational Performances

Charlie Parker - Poi performer

Danielle Corbishley - Ukulele songstress and Magician

Anna - Berkshire Alternative Dance / Pole Dancing

TAG female electronica set-list


Installation Artists Challenge 2-5pm

Susannah Douglas

Kate Lewis


Gallery Exhibition

Shehnoor Ahmed

Gina Field

Susannah Douglas

Sarah Lawman

Jen Maidment